Saturday, March 17, 2007

Half Zombie/Half Mummy

Originally, this was supposed to go into the next issue of Phase Magazine. But due to stress/block/madness I was unable to get more work developed around their theme of "Play". They were more than cool about it and I hope to be able to properly contribute to the next issue.

This piece is a riff on a bunch of drawings I did when I was about five. I combined movie monsters by splitting them down the middle. If a zombie is scary, and a mummy is scary, well then... clearly the two combined would be twice as scary.

I also have a piece in Oddica #4. It's the "School Picture" piece that was designed as a back-up for them in case my schedule got too hectic. Sure enough... it did. But I feel like I'm on a roll again and will hopefully have more to share soon.

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