Friday, February 10, 2006

Blog 2.0

Meet the backup blog. About half of the artists I like are on Livejournal, the other half on Blogger. So I created a blogger account to comment in their blogs easier and stake out more territory in the Blogosphere. Because, there is so much demand for my work I have to share.


So here's the deal with these Permutations: I'm trying to channel the same obsessive energy I had when I was a kid about drawing. I would sit down and churn out monster after monster or robot after robot, just to build a huge body of work to satisfy myself. I try not to spend too much time on one particular design, and if it's taking too long, shelve it and move onto something that pours out. Then, hopefully take all of these weird ideas and transform them into something more cohesive, a kids book, posters, animation, etc.

[EDIT]...and these images run into my side bar...screw it...

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